R e d  M a t c h  P r o d u c t i o n s  P r e s e n t s





It is amazing. The quality of the footage is excellent & your photos are presented great. I could never have expected that you had so many unseen images to present. The story was told in a respectable manner & it flowed well even though I knew how the story sadly ended... I thank you for telling the story & sharing your memories. We are all lucky that you documented so much of it.
 Albert Borg

​I got your book/DVD today and WOW!!!!! I am completely blown away by this!!! I have watched the entire film and have gone through the book very briefly so far. The movie is fantastic!! It is so nice to hear Kevin's Mom Laura and even Drew speak of the band This is a great piece of QUIET RIOT history and you did such a wonderful job with it - so many of the photos are just amazing!!
  Kevin Boisvert

"...even though we all know how the story ends, still brought tears to my eyes, thanks for sharing all the pics, videos, and stories..."
  Bay Ragni

Thank you so much for the autographed copy of your book and DVD! I love it! There's so many amazing pictures in your book! You give a great insight into the Quiet Riot world at the time. Being a musician, and knowing the atmosphere that surrounds a popular local band, I personally feel more connected with Randy, you , Kevin and the friends of Quiet Riot. Thank you for allowing us that priviledge!!! The DVD was fantastic!! I'm going to watch it again tonight! There was so much footage that I had never seen before! A dream come true! 
  Linus Oliver