R e d  M a t c h  P r o d u c t i o n s  P r e s e n t s

Randy Rhoads, The Quiet Riot Years, a new 90-minute documentary film, explores the enduring friendship of Quiet Riot bandmates Randy Rhoads and Kevin DuBrow.

Narrated by Quiet Riot photographer, lighting designer, lyricist and friend, Ron Sobol, the film offers a gripping behind-the-scenes portrait of two close friends as they embark on an uphill quest for stardom . Using previously unseen images, rare video footage and period music, along with new and classic interviews, the movie chronicles the five year period (1975-1980) that Sobol was in the trenches with the band. 

This in depth examination documents in photos and on celluloid, the gradual rise of a Hollywood club band into international superstars. Sobol's unfettered access renders an intimate window into Quiet Riot's meteoric transformation from club band to national sensation. You'll witness the group in rehearsals, performing live onstage and revel in a bounty of behind-the-scenes clips capturing the band mates at play. 

It's a tale littered with all the earmarkings of a classic Hollywood epic--formidable struggles, triumph and heartbreak, world domination and unfathomable tragedy. Revealing interviews with band mates, close friends and family lend profound insight into this captivating story.


• Director's Commentary

• Original Trailer

• A Guitar Lesson with Randy Rhoads

• Quiet Riot Super 8 Movie Footage

 + A Quiet Riot Slide Show

 + More

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